Helpful Tips When Choosing International Travel Deals

International travel deals might mean more travel opportunities at the right cost. Such offerings are available for both individuals and companies. Many people who choose this option often want to experience another country’s overall culture. Those who are into backpacking adventures are the usual customers in this instance. These persons want to travel at reasonable costs so they can visit more places.

In business, international travel deals matter most because of budget considerations. Small and big companies alike need to watch their overhead costs. These enterprises have travel considerations often meant for trainings or business deals. For instance, some business owners might send representatives to different international locations to get valuable investments. Others might need to send associates to present proposals and get necessary approvals.

How can companies find such deals?

Finding international travel deals is achievable through a do-it-yourself (DIY) search or a corporate travel agency. If you choose a DIY option, this means doing most of the legwork on your own. It can mean assigning a person or several people to make online searches. It can also imply having these employees call one airline after another to know their offers.

If you think these steps are tiring enough, this is only the beginning. You also need to evaluate various offers given by companies. A DIY may also involve negotiating prices especially for bulk flight packages. It can also mean confirming and re-confirming an endless stream of flight schedules once you find an airline to work with.

If you book with a corporate travel agency, all you have to do is state your need. For instance, you can state that you need discount business class tickets and the rest is up to them. Their staff will be the ones doing all the searches for you. They will be the ones responsible for booking all your concerns. Many can also help you in making reservations for hotels or other accommodation concerns.

Several corporate travel agencies may also help facilitate business meetings. This means having reservations for boardrooms. Such convenience will have you getting more out of a day’s work than expected.

Isn’t a corporate travel agency impractical?

Many advertisements have people believing that such firms are now obsolete. The truth, however, is far from it. Various businesses end up still using this travel agency because of convenience. If, for example, you encounter flight delays, a travel agency can help you find solutions. They can contact airlines to help clients get connecting flights. Such assistance will have everyone well on their way to their intended destinations faster.

Many large businesses that frequently send their employees to international training seminars still prefer this option. They need this help to hasten reservation needs for discount business class tickets and so on. Many such companies ask for possible rates before the year ends. They do this since they need to present a yearly budget for conferences.

Different small enterprises may prefer this setup too. Most, if not all, may use their services when booking discount business class tickets. Several small businesses might also use this service as they book first class airline tickets for investors or clients.

If you’re looking forward to getting international travel deals faster, contacting a corporate travel agency is your best bet. Go online and find one today. Browsing through the net can set you on your way to get reliable offers.

Reasons to Work With International Travel Agents

Today, there are so many websites and online resources that allow you to book vacations across the globe. Many people forget that international travel agents offer you so much more than a website could. While they are confident at times, when you’re spending a significant amount of money on a trip out of the country, a trained professional can really help you make the most of your time and money.

You might think that you’ll save more time and money when looking online, but so much of that time is searching for the best possible deal. Sometimes, you can spend hours searching through various sites looking and calculating the best possible deal. With international travel agents, all that hard work is done for you. They talk to you about your budget and try to look for deals that are at or below your budget.

Bundling is also a very popular service that online agencies will try and set you up with. They say you’re getting a great deal when you buy a flight and book a hotel at the same time, but international travel agents often have entire vacation packages that they can find for you! Your agent generally receives exclusive information and access to hotel and travel promotions that are not available on the web, too.

One thing that online travel sites may or may not do is look for the best deal just outside the place you are looking to visit. If you’re looking to visit a major international city, there are often towns that are a quick bus or train away. Your agent can find the best deals on places to stay that meet your needs and are close enough to more expensive destinations that you can enjoy the best of both.

To make the most out of your trip, you could research all there is to do at your destination or you can sit down with your international travel agents to plan an itinerary of activities. This helps you plan ahead so you know you’ll have enough money for all the things you want to do before you even pack your bags. In addition to planning adventures and excursions, you can even make dinner reservations in advance. If you want to be more flexible with your time, they can create a folder of information that you can browse at your leisure so that you have all the information you’ll need without having to spend time researching things to do while you’re there.

Lastly, there are ways to protect yourself while you’re travelling internationally. Many travellers choose to convert their currency before they leave the country with international travel agents to get the best rate. They can also arrange for travellers checks. Insurance will be important, too. They can help you review your options and advise you on the best plan for your trip.

While there is a wealth of information on the internet, nothing beats a one-on-one meeting with a real live person. International travel agents in Cleveland have the knowledge, skill, and resources that can help you plan a successful vacation.

International Travelers See New Look at Atlanta’s Airport

International travelers flying into and out of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport will now see a brand new look. The Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal, which opened in May 2012, puts a new face on international travel at the world’s busiest airport. The new facility will help meet the demands of increased oversees travel in the coming decades.

The first thing passengers flying out of Atlanta will notice is the new entrance to the airport. Passengers will access the new international terminal from the east side of the airport, off I-75 at Exit 239. The main terminal, which now handles only domestic flights, is still accessed from the original airport entrance off I-85. The international terminal has its own parking on that side of the airport. A free 24 hour shuttle will provide transportation between the two terminals.

Eight airlines will operate international flights out of the new facility. Those airlines are Air Canada, Air France, AirTran/Southwest, British Airways, Delta, KLM Royal Dutch, Korean Air, and Lufthansa. Atlanta’s airport now has 40 international gates, 12 in the new Concourse F and 28 in the existing Concourse E. Passengers are now able to fly to nearly 80 destinations in 50 countries. Following the completion of their merger, AirTran/Southwest is expected to add new routes to the Caribbean and Mexico. Other airlines are expected to add additional routes to Asia and South America.

The new terminal has an attractive design, with a sweeping roofline and soaring glass windows. The facility is LEED-certified. Passengers will notice several spectacular pieces of art, as the city requires that 1% of capital construction costs be dedicated to public art. Travelers will have a variety of dining options in the new international terminal. Choices will include sit down restaurants, a tapas bar, a gourmet market, quick food options, bars, and a Starbucks. Retail shopping outlets will include Clutch, Brookstone, The Body Shop, Touch Table, Simply Books, and Tommy Hilfiger. Business services, personal services, and Wi-Fi are also available.

There are separate security checkpoints for arriving and departing passengers. Atlanta bound travelers who are returning home will find they are no longer required to re-check their bags after clearing customs and immigration. They will be able to keep their bags and exit the airport.

Some ground transportation options, including taxis, will be available at the new terminal. A shuttle will take travelers to the rental car center. Hotel and offsite parking shuttles will pick up and drop off at the international terminal. Travelers taking the MARTA transportation will need to take the shuttle to the main terminal.

Ajay Sethi, the General Manager at the Sheraton Atlanta Perimeter hotel. From the moment you enter this Perimeter hotel’s warm and stylish lobby until you rest your head on The Sheraton Sweet Sleeperâ„¢ Bed, you’ll feel at ease and at home. Hotel services include complimentary weekday shuttle service to Dunwoody MARTA station, which offers transportation to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and other local points of interest.

International Travel Insurance is a Must For Every Traveller

Few things are as exciting as launching off on an international travel excursion. Whether for business or pleasure, traveling overseas gives you the chance to broaden your horizons and see sights that you have only imagined. With this excitement also comes risk because when you leave your home country there are a variety of things that can not only interrupt your trip but make it dangerous too. The good news is that international travel insurance can greatly reduce the risks that come with traveling abroad.

A key element of international travel insurance, and one you should investigate thoroughly, is medical coverage. You want to be sure that you have adequate coverage for in-hospital or acute care but you also want to make sure that if you should have to be medically evacuated you can get home without breaking the bank. A medical evacuation can very easily exceed 100 thousand dollars, depending on where you are coming from and what country you are returning to. It is not uncommon for international travel insurance to cover the cost of a loved one to be transported home with you.

Keep in mind that we said “most” international travel health insurance policies will cover the cost of having a companion bring you home. That means that not all international travel insurances plans offer similar coverage. You need to be sure to examine all the exclusions and considerations for the medical insurance that you are looking at to make sure that the plan you choose really fits with the type of travel that you do.

Because we have access to computer technology it is very possible to find a good cheap travel insurance. You will need to be sure to look for the type of international travel insurance that best matches your needs though. Will you be taking just one trip or do you think that you will have multi trips throughout the year? Will you be engaging in adventure sports? Are you traveling for business or for pleasure? These are all factors that will go into the actual prices you are quoted for travellers insurance.

Fortunately most of the troubles that can upset an international trip are not pricey medical problems. Smaller problems can cost you money too though. International travel insurance can ensure that you are not left holding the bad should your trip be cancelled or delayed due to circumstances beyond your control. This is of particular concern to holiday travelers who have invested a great deal to take their annual vacation only to have lost baggage, a stolen wallet, or some other incident cause difficulties. Having international travelers insurance can eliminate the worry over these types of occurrences.

The real message here is that whatever type of overseas travel you intend to do, there is an international travel insurance policy that can help you avoid the kind of situations that can disrupt your trip and end up costing you a great deal of money. It will be up to you to do the research necessary to find cheap international travel insurance but it can be done. In the end, you will be very glad that you took care of this one very important detail. It will take the worry about of your plans and help to make your travel stress and worry free.

Cheapest International Travel – Ways to Make International Travel Cheaper

If you are planning an International trip with your family there is no reason for you to lose sleep on finding the cheapest international travel possible. Actually you can travel at a far lesser cost than what you might have imagined if you follow certain best practices. These best practices will ensure the cheapest international travel possible. It will not only save your money but would also make you richer with a much more enjoyable travel than you actually expected. The major factors which would affect international travel cost would be the following:

1. Flight Costs
2. Accommodation or Hotel charges
3. Local Transportation Charges
4. Food or Restaurant costs on travel

To have the cheapest international travel you would have to follow these best practices:

Find the cheapest flight:

The most telling cost among all the cost of an international travel is the flight costs. They would comprise almost of 40 % to 50 % of the total travel costs. The best way to get the cheapest flight is to plan early for the travel and book flights tickets as early as 3 to 4 months in advance. If the departure date is nearer to the booking date the more expensive the air fare is. The more early you book the chances are that you have the cheapest international travel.

Also you must sure you take some off for booking tickets by going to various travel sites or the individual airline site and get the best deal. You should have lot of patience doing this as it might even take some days for you to research and get the right deal.

Reduce accommodation expenses:

Although you might have booked a hotel in advance before you start your trip, it is better that don not book the hotel for the entire stay. It is better you book it for a couple of days so that in those couple of days you can find a better and a cheaper hotel in the vicinity. Some of the hotels would not advertise internationally so you might not know. So if you are flexible you can find a cheaper, decent hotel and move there. There by saving hundred of dollars which help in make it the cheapest international travel possible?

Avoid big star hotel restaurants:

When you travel ensure that you end up eating, not every day at least, in big lavish start hotel restaurants which might very expensive with huge taxes. Instead of that you look for good normal restaurant with good food with the help of the locals there by saving a lot of money as well as eating well because for the same money you in star hotel restaurant you can get better quantity in normal restaurants.

Consult a Travel Agent:

Travel agent has help making the cheapest international travel. They have association with airlines, hotel and local transport carriers. As a result of this they have very cheap and attractive packages. You can pay on the whole to travel agent for entire trip and he can arrange everything from the flight you bored till you come back. Since you get the entire trip as a package might able to achieve the cheapest international travel possible.